The last chance to enjoy Udo Dirkschneider performing ACCEPT tunes

On November 8, in Palladium concert hall will be a unique opportunity to hear all the best “Accept” hits performed by band’s legendary vocal Udo Dirkschneider. With the band “Dirkschneider” Udo will perform Metal Heart, Princess Of The Dawn and of course Balls To The Wall for the last time. A tour is named “Back To The Roots Part II”, and in its two hour-long program is selected all the best hits from 10 albums which Udo have made with Accept.

Udo himself have made a statement that after this tour he will never ever under no circumstances sing any songs from Accept period again. “Of course, I know that the people like to hear Accept songs with my voice, but I wanna close something — I wanna close, like a book, and say, ‘Okay, that’s it. I read it.’ Sometimes you have to come to an end with something. I wanna close up everything with Accept. And this will be the last time.”

Small in stature, but with an unique voice endowed for more than 40 years Udo already delights real metal and hard rock fans around the world, making himself one of the brightest stars of German heavy music scene. In the end of 70’s and in the beginning of 80’s the world got to know him as co-founder and vocal of rapidly growing band Accept. A number of most popular band’s hits: Burning, Breaker, Fast As A Shark, Princess Of The Dawn, Balls To The Wall, Metal Heart, Midnight Mover, Living For Tonite, T.V. War etc. have been made particularly with Dirkschneider on vocals. It is well known that in the end of 80’s his and Accept paths had parted to intersect periodicly again. After leaving Accept Dirkschneider established a new band U.D.O., with which he released 15 albums. Most known hits are Animal House, Timebomb and Men And Machine. And as already mentioned in the beginning, further on Udo Dirkschneider will be singing only U.D.O. repertory.

“Back To The Roots Part II” tour have resulted only thanks to huge responsiveness of fans. When in fall of 2016 ended the previous tour “Back To The Roots”, during which two thirds of all shows were sold out, Udo and his musicians received desperate letters with callings to continue. “Countless voices called for more, countless requests continued for many Accept classics which we did not play the last time”, commented Udo Dirkschneider.

Inspired by success and passion of fans, “Dirkschneider” decided that fans deserve one more chance. One more time going through the program very carefully, the most requested hits were selected to please the widest possible classic Accept fan base.

Attention! Only on Thursday, April 20th, tickets will be on sale for special price - €25. Starting from 10 AM tickets will be available in “Biļešu serviss” network and on

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