Premiere in Riga - electro tango music group - ELECTROCUTANGO

ELECTROCUTANGO music can turn on everybody - the listeners as well as dancers. They have given concerts almost in all biggest cities of Europa. Although they come from Norway, they are a hit even in Buenos Aires! The world famous electronic tango music group - Electrocutango will first time perform in Riga, in the concert hall Palladium on Saturday, January 11, 2014.

Electrocutango is founded by Sverre Indris Joner – norwegian pianist, composer and arranger. Sverre started to play and compose music with emphasis on the Latin genres. Later he writes music for ballet, theatre, orchestra, films and has arranged numerous tangos and other Latin genres for symphony orchestra performing as a soloist. Electrocutango made the award-winning music for the innovative play Tanghost in collaboration with the choreographer Pablo Veron and the director Per Olav Sørensen.

Horacio Ferrer says about Sverre Indris Joner: "His devotion for the styles of Salgán and Piazzolla shines through, using it as exquisite perfumes within a totally personal style full of rhythmic complexity reflected in his inspired and original compositions."

In 2011, while playing in Academia Nacional del Tango in Buenos Aires, the band leader Joner has received the honorary title of Academic member by Horacio Ferrer.

Electrocutango is considered as one of the most dynamic, innovative and original expressions of the new electro-tango movement in the world. The music has a distinct identity, based on tanguero musicianship and with an original approach to fusions with anything from Puerto Rico, Brazil, RnB, DnB, jazz or contemporary music. The group has been widely recognized by its album Felino, that is considered as the classics of electro tango genre.

Electrocutango has conquered such world famous stages and places in Buenos Aires as
La Viruta, Club Catedral, Sanata bar, Notorious, Academia Nacional del Tango. They have taken part in Oslo World Music Festival, Notting Hill Arts Club (London), Berlin Tangofestival, A-realidades (Stockholm), Meditango (Roma), Tango®evolución (Cesena), Tango del norte (Copenhagen), Latinfestivalen (Trondheim), Oslo Jazzfestival, Tangocamp (Malmø).

The following artists will perform in Riga in part of Electrocutango:

  • Sverre Indris Joner – piano, keyboard, mac.
  • Mikael Augustsson – bandoneon
  • Odd Hannisdal – violin
  • Steinar Haugerud – contrabass
  • Antonio Torner – percussion

Electrocutango music is suggested to everybody, who follows the development of music in the world and loves tango music, dance and its multi expressions.

Electrocutango concert is organized in the frame of International Argentinean Tango Festival in Riga - RigaTangoWinterFest 2014. RigaTangoWinterFest is probably one of the most tolerant tango festivals in Europa, supporting many styles and expressions of tango and their development in tango dance and music. RigaTangoWinterFest supports not only classical, but also contemporary tango values, revealed by the performances of popular tango artists.

The tickets to Electrocutango concert are available in cashiers: Ticket Service (Bilesu serviss) or in the web page: