The popular group Musiqq invites fans to their fifth birthday concert, which will take place on November 16 at concert hall Palladium in Riga. On the day of the concert the second Musiqq album „Vēl viena mūzika ”(Another music) will be released, but groups latest single „Sekundes”(Seconds) has already began its radio rotation. The concert tickets are available and will become more expensive approaching the concert.

Five years of existence Musiqq (Marats Ogļezņevs and Emīls Balceris) have created many hits loved by their audience ("Abrakadarba", "No 10 - 10" (10 out of 10), "Dzimšanas diena" (Birthday), "Miljonārs" (Millionaire), "Dzīve izdodas" (Life succeeds), "Trakas atmiņas" (Crazy memories), etc.) given countless concerts, represented Latvia in the Eurovision song contest and at the Sopot Festival. They have been nominated for the Latvian Annual Music Award several times and regularly succeeded in Latvian Radio 2 poll "Music Bank" and received three Copyright infinity prizes.

Birthday celebration at concert hall Palladium will be the largest Musiqq concert so far. It will feature all of groups most popular songs, as well as songs that have not yet been performed to a wider audience, some foreign hits and the new single „Sekundes” (Seconds). There will also be guests.

Groups music composer and producer Marats Ogļezņevs: "The concert will be for those who want to listen to our songs in a positive atmosphere, want to relax and go crazy. To create "crazy memories", be in a mood "10 out of 10" and to avoid any doubt, that "life succeeds"! "