For Aivo Oskis, 2021 was an explosive year of success.  Placing five songs in Latvia’s Top 100, including Krūze at #1 and Pašiem Nemanot at #3, Aivo’s presence on the Latvian music scene was unmatched by any other artist in 2021. 

2021 also brought great television and online success, as Aivo hosted a successful season of European Hit Radio’s “Finish the Song” program, as well as playing host on EHR’s Top 100 special. In 2021 Aivo also made appearances on “La Dolce Vita Ar. Roberto”, “Kad viņas satiekas”, and “Gudrs, vēl gudrāks”, as well as on multiple popular YouTube shows. 

The year 2022 brings more success to Aivo Oskis with the July 20, 2022 release of his debut album, SUVENĪRS.

“SUVENĪRS is a collection of positive and fun tracks that bring a message of hard work, passion and overcoming struggle” says Oskis.  “Ultimately each of our lives is marked by the suvenīrs we craft for ourselves, and when we reach the end of our journey, life is generous enough to surround us with these suvenīrs of love, courage and achievement.  This is what my album will celebrate with listeners.”

Adding to an already amazing 2022, Aivo Oskis is proud to announce a live performance of his new fully-featured live stage show, also titled SUVENĪRS on September 17 at Palladium Riga.

“SUVENĪRS is a visually stunning concert event that has been designed to create moments of joy, happiness and passion among my audience.  The cast and I have worked hard to craft impressive visuals, exciting contemporary original music and several thrilling surprises along the way.  Audiences won’t be disappointed with this program, which I expect to be one of Latvia’s premier concert events in 2022.”

Joining the SUVENĪRS concert event will be a guest performance by upcoming Latvian star Būū.  A singer, producer and lyricist who made her debut in 2021 with hit single “Saliva” (from her album titled “Albūūms”), Būū earned four nominations for the Annual Music Recording Award’s “Golden Microphone.”

Interested supporters can meet Aivo Oskis, Būū and the cast of SUVENĪRS at a champagne afterparty hosted by Katrīna Dimanta by purchasing the Ultimate Artist Experience ticket (details below).

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