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20 March 2019 in Riga in the framework of the international tour will be a concert of the group "Zveri". The fans will be able to listen to famous hits from previous albums, as well as songs from a new anniversary album "10", released in October 2018.

This year, in addition to the cities of Russia and the CIS countries, the tour will include some cities of America and Europe.

The year 2018 has become eventful for the group: Roma Zver' made his debut in Kirill Serebrennikov’s movie “Leto”, playing the leader of the group “Zoopark” — Mike Naumenko. A film about the development of rock and roll in the Soviet Union and the friendship of Viktor Tsoi and Mike Naumenko entered the program of the Cannes Film Festival, where Roma Zver' received the honorary award “Cannes Soundtrack” as a music producer. The soundtrack for the film "Leto" was released in Russia in August 2018, and the world release took place on November 30th.

In March 2018, the group released an EP “Vino i Kosmos”, and in the beginning of the summer a mini-album of songs by the group “Zoopark” was released — “Zveri v zooparke”.

In 2018, Roma Zver' received the “Man of the Year” award at the annual ceremony of Glamour magazine. The band was also awarded the Golden Gargoyle Independent Music Award.

During the concerts, "Zveri" will perform their favourite hits from all the albums, including the EP "Druzya po palate" and "Vino i kosmos". Also the tour of 2019 will include some rock songs with blues elements, art and ballads from the new album “10”.