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One of the greatest vocal ensembles "The Real Group" will perform at the concert hall "Palladium" on 22 October.

"The Real Group" combines professional perfection and lively personal emotions in their music, and is one of the leading vocal groups in the world. There are 17 recorded albums and thousands of concerts around the world on the group’s account. Using voice as their sole instrument, "The Real Group" has created a unique music, balancing on the edge between jazz, pop and Nordic European choir music.

In its concerts, the Riga A Cappella Festival offers to make the acquaintance of diversity of a cappella genre, presents through variety of a cappella music projects the most outstanding Latvian and worldwide performers, offers tailored concerts and master classes.

Tickets to the concert of "The Real Group" can be purchased at the ticket offices of “Bilesu Serviss”, the starting price is 15 EUR.  Festival Passes (3-day tickets) providing entry to all the festival events on 21, 22, and 23 October are also available for purchase in limited number. 

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