Formed in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in 1988, PARADISE LOSTwere unlikely candidates for metal glory when they slithered from the shadows and infiltrated the UK underground.

But not content with spawning an entire subgenre with early death/doom masterpiece „Gothic“nor with conquering the metal mainstream with the balls-out power of 1995’s „Draconian Times“, they have subsequently traversed multiple genre boundaries with skill and grace, evolving through the pitch-black alt-rock mastery of ‘90s classics „One Second“and „Host“to the muscular but ornate grandeur of 2009’s „Faith Divides Us –Death Unites Us“and „Tragic Idol“(2012), with the nonchalant finesse of grandmasters.

The band’s last two albums –„The Plague Within“(2015) and „Medusa“(2017) –saw a much-celebrated return to brutal, old school thinking, via two crushing monoliths to slow-motion death and spiritual defeat. Consistently hailed as one of metal’s most charismatic live bands, PARADISE LOSTarrive in this new decade as veterans, legends, and revered figureheads for several generations of gloomy metalheads. In keeping with their unerring refusal to deliver the expected, 2020 brings one of the band’s most diverse and devastating creations to date.