Perhaps one the most striking new singers and songwriters of the generation Marta Ritova announces her first big concert on the 16th of December in the concert hall "Palladium". Marta Ritova will present her debut album ‘’Mainiet Vārdus’’ (Change the Words) at the concert; the album will be available in November.

Marta Ritova on the album and the show: ‘’ The album and the concert are highly anticipated, cherished and a logical result of what I do and love so much - writing and performing my own music. Everything is a passage to a conclusion of events for a certain point in my life and now ready to grow up on a higher level and quality.

The concert will be a reflection of me - Marta at the piano, the Marta, who started about four years ago’’

Publisher of the album Guntars Račs (Microphone Records):‘’Marta is an incredibly ambitious and musical girl, who has a God given talent. She is one of the few musicians, who create their own repertoire, putting their heart and soul into it all.

Not for nothing I have heard great praise from my generation of musicians about Marta, and most believe her to be one of the serious Latvian music potentials over time. I am sure the concert at the 'Palladium' will be an amazing discovery for many. "

Marta's songs are based on the piano sound with an easy touch of electronic, meaningful texts and reflection that marks the young woman's spiritual path and the physical world. At the concert Marta, as usual will play piano, accompanied by an instrumental band and string quartet. They will be joined by Liga Liberte dance theater group, "We are travelers’’ from the show, for which Marta wrote songs that were released in her mini album last year.

The wider audience got to know Marta in 2011, when her band ‘’Zvaigžņu zagļi’’ (Star Thieves) were a part of the TV show competition ‘’OKartes skatuve’’ (OCard Stage). The following season of the talent show, she entered as a solo performer and made it to the finale of the show. Year 2013 started with a great performance at the Latvian Annual Music Awards ceremony, which was followed by a high third place at the Eurovision song selection.

Tickets at “Biļešu paradīze”: