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Hang Massive, the UK / Swedish Band, are the world’s most well known Hang and Handpan players. Thousands of people have been touched by their spherical hang sound at their inspiring concerts and over 100 million people have seen their music videos! Their latest offering, the 2018 album Luminous Emptiness takes you on an epic inner journey musically and visually, and will be performed at the concerts alongside the tracks that are enjoyed by a global audience daily. The band’s live show is constantly being refined and will include amazing new visuals rooted in timeless wisdom teachings, triggered sound effects and samples, complementing the Hang’s rich sound. The European leg of the Luminous Emptiness tour will perform in around 50 cities and the band is very excited to return to play in Riga for the 3rd time on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, after fantastic and sold out concerts in recent years!

On this years tour Hang Massive will offer a VIP concert package for a small group at each concert. The package will include:
• Join Hang Massive at the venue before the show
• Enjoy coffee or tea with the band
• Play some amazing new Handpan instruments
• Receive a special merchandise pack whith cd’s, T-shirt, stickers + more
• Priority entrance for the show
• Receive a high quality photo and take some fun selfies
• Limited to 10 people per event
Meetings point 17.30 at the venue

Official Website - http://hangmusic.com
Official FB - http://facebook.com/hangmassive
Official Instagram - http://instagram.com/hangmassive
Official YouTube - http://youtube.com/hangmassive