Arstarulsmirus (former name - GUSTAVO) – one of the most popular musicians in Latvia – announces his last concerts of repertoire by GUSTAVO. At the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th February, 2014, on the stage of concert hall Palladium in Riga, the artist will perform the GUSTAVO songs for the last time.

GUSTAVO started his carrer in 1996. During the 18 years he has released 4 solo albums, has been awarded the Latvian Music Records Awards prize for seven times, has produced the album of Latvian band Brainstorm (Prāta Vētra), as well as become a vital part of Latvian hip-hop music. His last concert programme Pilsētas Portāls was performed in 2011.

The musician is undergoing a transformation of his identity and music. He wants to celebrate these changes together with his fans by performing the repertoire of GUSTAVO for the last time. The live concert will be composed of songs from albums Pa pāris pantiem/Viesības viesnīcā, Trešā elpa and Pilsētas Portāls, as well as couple of completely new compositions.

This is the very last opportunity to hear the best of GUSTAVO music in the final concerts of his carrer.

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