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On October 13th in Palladium concert hall the inteligent alternative electronic music gourmets will be delighted again by Icelandic band GusGus. They'll be visiting Riga in framework of supporting their latest album “Lies Are More Flexible”.

Latvian music lovers have very special bond with Icelandic music, and GusGusis a special stage in this chain. It is proved by two brilliantly visited band shows, in 2012 in Ventspils and 2014 in Riga. 

GusGus10th studio album “Lies Are More Flexible” was released on February 23rd this year. It includeseight tracks of introspective, euphoric and progressive dance music, which proofing the continuous development of the band, but at the same time allows unmistakeably recognize the their typical signature.

GusGushave always afforded themsleves the experiments with different kind of electronic and dance music styles and this album is no exception. Here you will find so diverse amplitude as Italo Disco and progressive house music. 
Among the brightest compositions there could be highlighted Featherlight;  lyrically emotional Don’t Know How To Love (where the band’s vocalist Daniel is joined by John Grant), upbeatFireworks and the80’s inflected Lies Are More Flexible. 

First international recognition GusGus gained in the end of the 90’s, when the radios and TV channels were hit by the excentric pieces Ladyshave and Starlovers. Far more attention was drawn in 2002 with fourth album “Attenton”, from which the tracks Moss and especially David became dance hits. Album A megahit Over (from “Arabian Horse”)and hits Obnoxiously Sexual, Crossfade and Mexico (from “Mexico”) continue the tradition. 
Several GusGus singles found their ways to UK charts (for instance, David, Need In Me, Call Of The Wild etc.)

Since founding in the 90’s the band has relived several changes of the line-up. Right now the core of GusGusconsists of composer, producer and programmer Birgir Torarinson (aka Biggi Veira) and harismatic vocalist Daniel Agust Haraldsson. By the way last year Daniel was awarded as Iceland's most outstanding pop singer.