The relatively “sensible half” of The Libertines creatively chaotic force. The frontman of the brilliant Dirty Pretty Things. The human embodiment of rock and roll - Carl Barât will be performing at the Palladium Riga concert hall with his newly formed band Carl Barât And The Jackals on December 6. British music publications have already dubbed them the rightful heirs to the musical traditions of The Libertines.

Born with guitar-tune infused DNA and a dose of rock and roll in his bloodstream, English musician and songwriter Carl Barât was destined to create music that would captivate millions. Although best know for his critically acclaimed work with The Libertines - a band that Barât co-created, shot to fame and disbanded (at least in their first reincarnation) together with friend and ultimate rock bad-boy Pete Doherty, he has also formed Dirty Pretty Things, recorded a solo album and just as The Libertines began recording again, formed Carl Barât and the Jackals.

Although Barât originally began recording Let It Reign (2015) as a solo album, he eventually realised that he “didn’t like (his) own company”, thus turning to the internet and bringing The Jackals together with the help of auditions. Barât later stated: “I was lucky, because I found a bunch of people who genuinely fit together as a gang.” In Let It Reign, the musician focuses on war-time ideals and aesthetics, which preset the mood of the entire record.

Although The Jackals have undeniably inherited most of Barât’s musical legacy, which they unabashedly perform onstage (his biggest hits included), the rockers also deliver smouldering British garage rock, described by The Guardian as “suave, jacked-up Clash pop dusted with wartime imagery, music hall harrumph and hints of the theatricality of Barât’s 2010 solo album.” Essentially encapsulating the pure essence of Brit rock, NME stated it best - Let It Reign is a “testament to Carl’s reinvigoration, and to the most electric and exuberant record he’s made since ‘Up The Bracket’.”

Ticket pre-sale starts in all Biļešu Serviss box offices and online on October 7. The first 100 tickets will cost EUR 20, afterwards - EUR 25.