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On 22nd of February the British rising stars "Blossoms will perform at Palladium concert hall.
Band from Manchester have won 4th place of the vicinity prospective talent top “BBC Music Sound of 2016” and their self-titled debut album topped British Album chart for two weeks.

First results clearly demonstrates that music industry professionals are not mistaken in their forecasts, and continuing to work as diligently as before the band can expect very bright future.

“Blossoms” were found in 2013 by 5 guys from Manchester neighborhood Stockport town. All of them had various musical projects on the go before they got together and formed “Blossoms”.
Bands style is described as indie and psycho-pop mix with so extensive impacts as The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis and even ABBA.

In some interview guys explain: “Pop music is pop. It’s popular for a reason. We are not ashamed or shying away from the fact we want to be as catchy as we can be. Our aim is to make people put their arms round each other and sing and be able to dance at the same time”.

In 2014 “Blossoms” debut album EP “Bloom” was released with single “You Pulled a Gun on Me” and in that Summer band went to their first tour in Great Britain. Already more recognition they get in next Spring by warming up The Charlatans and The Courteeners. Soon they receive BBC invitation to play official showcase of the biggest American music conference SXSW. In Summer band performed in row of  well known festivals: “The Great Escape”, “Y Not”, Reading and Leads festivals etc.

In 2015 two “Blossoms” EP “Blown Rose” and  “Cherlemegne” were released digitally. And at beginning of this year another one called “A Most a Kiss” joined them.

In fall 2015 musicians announced that they are starting to work on material for debut album. It was released in August this year, and flew right to Nr. 1 of UK Album chart.

Following such success, it was only logical that they have a bigger tour during fall and winter in Great Britain and Ireland, as well as a number of Western, Eastern and Northern European countries, and Russia and Japan.

Ticket sale starts on 3rd of November, 10AM in “Biļešu serviss” sales points and Prices starting  €19.

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