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On October 2, the band will release its sixth studio album “Multivitamīnu multipaka” and will go on “Multitūre” with concerts in Sigulda, Aluksne, Liepaja, Jelgava, Riga and Cesis.

The new album reveals a new edge of “Astro’n’out”. Its first singles “Dejot trakāk”, “Multivitamīnu multipaka” un “Agrāk” marks moving, energetic and positive drive in “Astro'n’out's” work. The dancing line lyrics are complemented by easy irony about topical issues in society. It is also a natural continuation of the theme of the band's previous album "URDA", which - as pop music allows - thwarted existential issues. Parallel to this are some very romantic themes - textually deeper and more musically sensitive than before.

The album is titled “Multivitamīnu multipaka”, which, the same as the single released in February with the same title, points out the creative freedom, musical brightness and diversity that can be heard in the new sound. Although in this album, the band is bravely increasing its sounding in the modern pop music genre, among the pop tendencies the group's recognizable details have not disappeared and acoustic instruments also find their place in the arrangements. 

“Multitūre” concerts with the new singles will reflect the dancing and energetic edge of the album that have already taken the lead in Latvian radio stations, and will also allow listeners to remember the best “Astro'n’out” songs from their previous five albums.

The new album with group’s autographs can be purchased at and on the website of Biļešu serviss for a special pre-sale price. You will receive a CD in a self-chosen way starting from October 2. More information: