On November 15th the Palladium concert hall (Marijas 21, Rīga) Alessandro Ristori & the Portofinos

Alessandro has been on stage since childhood…. theatre, choirs and then, since his teens, pop music. Local clubs were his gym, but, as he is turning 20, Alessandro ,along with his band, starts what will become his life.
Let’s shake some 50s American Rock and Roll, 60s Italian sounds, Crooners’ Elegance, Italian Dolce Vita atmospheres all together , and we’ll taste Alessandro’s personal way to Italian music. 

2007 – CIAO VI DIRO’ (self production)
2009 – FAENZA MEMPHIS Andata/Ritorno (Don’t Worry Records)
2010 – ROCK AND ROLL IS BACK DVD (Don’t Worry Records)
2011 – BUMBUM Dischi , Alessandro Ristori and Lorenzo Staffa Record Label was born
2011 – GIORNI D’ESTATE (BumBum Dischi records, 45 rpm version available)
2012 – IBRIDO, live album with 2 previously unreleased tracks in collaboration with ELEGANTE MUSIC (BumBum Dischi records, 33 rpm version available)
2013 – ARRIVEDERCI, this EP was born from artistic fellowship with EVGENY GOLYAK, a close friend from Saintpetersburg who produced the record.

Music from Alessandro and his Portofinos (the band who’s on the road with him) is an “Italian Manifesto”. The smile, the miming, the gaze, they all come from an Italian guy who enjoys “exotic rhythms”, and through spontaneousness has found his personal key to stage-life.

Standing ticket  10 LVL
Place at the table price  25 LVL