Palladium is one of the first concert halls in Latvia that is custom fit for medium size performances. With a maximum capacity of 2,000 visitors, it is the biggest concert hall of such proportions in the Baltics. Palladium is located in the heart of Riga - Marijas street 21, on the premises of the former Palladium cinema which is considered to be one of the local architecture landmarks.

After detailed planning and a thorough reconstruction procedure, the former cinema opened its doors as a modern concert hall on September 28, 2011.The first artists to perform on the new stage included James Blunt, FM Belfast, Kaiser Chiefs and Anna Calvi, creating many an unforgettable experience for Riga’s music enthusiasts.

The owners of the concert hall have been respectful of the building’s cultural and historical heritage, maintaining both its name and the interior design aspects of its former glory. Added functionality is provided by incorporating two balconies for the concert hall visitors.

Before cinema and music – the premises of the former cinema and current concert hall were once considered Riga’s historical centre. Later, at the end of the 19th century the grounds were subject to the cities first buildings – various shopping venues. 

The Palladium cinema was established in 1913 – a modern and spacious cinema with 250 seats. Up until its closing at the beginning of the century, Palladium was one of the capitals most popular cinemas with every film premiered held there. In the 20’s Palladium was the biggest cinema in Europe with up to 1,080 seats.

The building stood the test of time also during the war period – the bomb targeting the premises only slightly bruised the roof and the orchestra pit, leaving the rest of the building unharmed. In 1986 Palladium was the first cinema in the Baltic’s to have Dolby Stereo System surround sound and a widescreen.

After Latvia regained its independence in 1991, Palladium, amongst other buildings was one of the most coveted properties in town. In 2002 the cinema was temporarily closed until 2006 when a nightclub project was initiated but soon after terminated.

Some years later Palladium’s ownership was claimed by Positivus, a company determined to restore it to its former glory in the form of a prominent concert venue.