Organizer: 9.VILNIS, SIA
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The legendary and amazing Chad Channing – original drummer and backing vocals of the group, presents an exciting adventure to the magical world of Nirvana, together with the best tribute in the world The Nirvana Expirience

Nirvana is one of the most iconic groups of the 20th century, the three musicians recorded 3 albums in the style of «grunge » and forever chaged this world. If you didn't get the chance to see Nirvana in person, then you have a unigue chance now. 

The legendary Chad Channing started playing with Nirvana in 1988. He was both the drummer in the very first iconic album Bleach, and the drummer in their first national tour. Chad also is known for writing 8 of Nirvanas songs, including famous “ With The Lights Out” and is the co-writer of the song “Silver”. You can hear to him instead of Dave Grohl on the best album of the group “Nevermind” in songs “In Bloom”, “Breed”, “Lithium”, and “Stay Away” and in most of the next releases and compilations of the group, including the year 1993. The drummer didn’t play the songs of his group for a while, since he had been focused on his new group “Before Cars”, but he couldn’t refuse the tour celebrating Nirvanas 30th year anniversary, and agreed to play his pieces and other “classic” songs of the Kings of grunge.

The best ever choice voted by the whole of America – birthplace of grunge – the winner of the national show « The best tribute » - group THE NIRVANA EXPIRIENCE. It was chosen by the chanel AXS and the audience of the show THE WORLDS GREATEST NIRVANA TRIBUTE in 2014. This Texas group also set the national record for the fastest ticket sale  in the legendary Whiskey and Go-Go. Collecting a full house faster than any other artist in the past 3 years. The group performs identical to original Nirvana,  in the sence of  sound and the show itself, and the stage presence of Chad Channing promises every fan the invisible presence of Kurt, Krist and Chad together.