Organizer: U.Party, SIA
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WRRROOM-WRRROOM! Let’s kickstart the spring with brand new energy!
The city’s most creative independent collective of promoters U.Party announces the RAW – the CyberRave. The promoters are excited to reveal that the event will take place on Friday, March 8, 2019 at the concert venue Palladium Riga (Marijas str.21, Riga LV1011, Latvia), thus making it possible for wider audience to experience the peculiar nuances of the city’s nightlife as well as to discover the World class electronic music acts.

As always, the event producers are driven to develop and execute the energy laden concept of the rave party at the very next level. In terms of mood, music and show it U.Party is making sure the event in Riga is organized according to highest standards of EDM / Dubstep / Trap parties / raves / mini festivals held throughout other European cities. RAW line-up will feature performances by Cookie Monsta ( Circus Records ; UK), Atik (Greece), Skrush (USA), local production trio Terra Sine ( Moxik + Oculus Noise + Mint Jaz ; Latvia) and Oddprophet ( Never Say Die: Black Label ; UK). All of the mentioned acts are well known names in the circles of respective music genre connoisseurs. Some of them can be credited with the significant role of pushing the modern, aggressive Trap / Dubstep further. The members of Terra Sine on the other hand are responsible for rejuvenating the local music scene with new tunes and performing at the craziest and brutal U.Party events.

U.Party in close co-operation with Enter.Exit Unit un Those Guys Lighting , whose works for the locals are familiar with unusual, creative and unorthodox approach to event production ( Enter Exit , 2017 and Central Exit , 2017), will make sure audience becomes part of an exciting adventure this time as well. Without giving up too many details organizers are looking forward to making sure RAW guests, performing artists are getting powerful charge of positive energy, inspirations and having good time with their friends.

The event venue Palladium Rīga has been chosen due to its unique layout and outstanding acoustic properties appreciated by many local and international artists.

The organizers are very pleased to invite everyone who is into electronic music to purchase their tickets sooner as the prices for them will increase closer to the event date. Especially, RAW will be interesting for those, who appreciate the heavy, pumping bass of Trap / Dubstep.

Tickets and more info on U.Party homepage: https://www.uparty.eu/raw 

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/321912071981191

Sponsors: Reaktors PM-TM

Event producer: U.Party
www.uparty.eu www.facebook.com/UndergroundPartying